Hide Your Daughters – The Teen Girl’s Guide to Social Success

Hide Your Daughters – The Teen Girl’s Guide to Social Success

Limited to 300 Compact Discs

Probably my favorite CD I have ever released.
Strong bold statements about love and sex entangled with octopus legs riffage.

LaPlante conjures up medicine man trance that howls to the mystic roots of rock n roll, from back-room juke joints to swamp romps through the bayou. The mad voodoo only starts there as KEN mode Matthewsons are joined again by Electro Quarterstaff savant gentleman, Drew Johnston and newcomer/old accomplice Jahmeel Russell (KITTENS, Red Vienna). They weave a tapestry of hipswingin’ headbangin’ southern rock, discordant noise and provocative lyrical gymnastics.

Check their cover of the Yardbirds “Drinkin’ Muddy Water” for a taste of just how thick it can get.

Listen to “Tomanando Agua Sucia:

Hide Your Daughters - Teen Girls Guide... CD
12 tracks - 40 minutes -raging southern fried noise rock featuring members of KEN mode, Electro Quarterstaff and KITTENS.
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Price: $8.00

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  1. pressmaster
    March 10, 2012, 05:41

    The story so far
    Hide Your Daughters has returned with their second outing, “The Teen Girl’s Guide to Social
    Success”. Influences from the master Frank Zappa appear in the opening of
    “Chabrol”…“Viking Funeral”; a tribute to Tipton and Downing’s trademark dueling guitar lines
    on Priest’s “Never Satisfied” from ’74…tastes of the best of Voivod’s “Nothingface” and
    “Dimension Hatross”.
    The backing for the freedom and experimentation of this new sound is HYD’s thundering
    rhythm section…Russell and Matthewson are simply locked in…rapid-fire tom fills…obsessive
    addiction to shattering crash cymbal accents that define the meter…a true backbeat…The
    rhythm section paves the way to launch HYD into what they truly are – a guitar driven
    band…Matthewson and Johnston regularly trade off completely counter-pointed guitar
    lines…there is no designation of “lead” and “rhythm” in this band…their individual guitar lines
    are built up side by side as harmonic expansions on the chord changes…vocals are still raw
    and pugilistic, but they are also bluesy and remarkably controlled…channeling the likes of
    The Seeds, MC-5, and The Stooges.
    Great live bands are almost dead. If you’ve never seen Hide Your Daughters, now’s your
    chance to hear what you’ve been missing. -J TUCKER

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